What we’re reading in (spooky) graphic design and marketing

As Halloween week begins, it’s a time to reflect on the spooky things in life. Ghosts and ghouls? Masked killers? Demonic possessions? Not quite… this week, what we’re reading in graphic design and marketing features far spookier real world happenings. Be prepared! Powerful Ads Use Real Google Searches to Show... Read More [ Read More ]

This week in social media news

The social media sphere is abuzz this week with debates about Tumblr and the growing prominence of mobile devices. Check out what we’re reading this week and brush up on your social media news! Yahoo buys Tumblr, promises to not ‘screw it up’ | CNN The big headlines earlier this... Read More [ Read More ]

Facebook may soon implement hashtags

When, in 500 B.C., the Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, "The only constant is change," it's unlikely he was thinking about how well that statement would one day suit Facebook. Nevertheless, of all the major destinations on the web, Facebook is perhaps the best example of this concept. While the complete overhaul of the News Feed has been grabbing most of the the headlines recently, another important change may be coming: Facebook is finally (probably) getting hashtags. [ Read More ]