W ordPress celebrates 10 years today

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Kelly Erickson May 27, 2013


You may still be recovering from the launch of the new Arrested Development season over the weekend, but today is another reason to celebrate – it’s the 10th anniversary of our most beloved CMS platform, WordPress!

It sure has come a long way in the past 10 years; the latest version having been downloaded 18 million times and now powers 60 million websites. Ten years ago there weren’t many blogging platforms out there, especially not ones that had the powerful capabilities WordPress has. Here at Zbra Studios, we’ve developed custom themes and designed tons of WordPress websites, so it’s definitely one that we recommend. Check out some of the sites we’ve done!

People around the world are celebrating today. What would your WordPress anniversary party look like? Temporary tattoos with the WordPress icon? WordPress cupcakes? Guest speakers on how to publish posts? Free plugin downloads? How about some swag, like anniversary tees? Not like we have any ideas….! (Just make sure to invite us!)

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