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Sean McGoey May 13, 2013

And lo, another week begins. Not ready to get down to work just yet? Check out of some of the articles we’ve been reading in graphic design and marketing on the web:

Freakstarter: Kickstarter’s weirdest campaigns in one place | The Next Web
In the tradition of Regretsy, there’s a new blog devoted to ferreting out the weird on the web, focused entirely on Kickstarter projects. It’s hard not to feel a little bad at first for some of the lampooned campaigns, until you remember that any press is good press. Just ask the Speakeasys: this campaign, which has now met its goal, aims to create undies with a pouch in front for a flask.

Presenting the Speakeasys

Instagramming from North Korea | Instagram
Think of two things one would never imagine to go together. If “ketchup and chocolate,” sprang to mind, that would make sense, but it does exist. Another unlikely duo? Instagram and North Korea. All the same, AP Chief Photographer for Asia, David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder), has been posting photos from inside North Korea to his Instagram while on assignment. It’s an incredible glimpse into a country known mostly in rumors, and comes highly recommended.

The anatomy of a web designer, an infographic | Heart Internet
Infographics! They’re even more fun when they’re about you. It’s probably not the most exciting inforgraphic for those outside of the profession, but we’re still pretty fascinated to learn tidbits like, “47% of web designers are ages 25 – 34 years old,” or, “88% say that clients underestimate the costs of web design.” The more you know…

New 21st Century Fox Logo Unveiled | The Verge
Rebranding is always a tricky piece of work. Facebook did it recently, and without disaster, but that’s not the case for the majority of attempts. Now, following the announced split of the Fox news and entertainment divisions, the film studio is rebranding. We can’t say we’re thrilled with the new logo, which is not only flat and uninteresting, but has also ended up looking a whole lot like a skewed version of a bunch of other logos – namely the X-Men, or the Xbox, or any other logo that has ‘X’ as a central theme. Alas.

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