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Sean McGoey May 22, 2013

The social media sphere is abuzz this week with debates about Tumblr and the growing prominence of mobile devices. Check out what we’re reading this week and brush up on your social media news!

Yahoo buys Tumblr, promises to not ‘screw it up’ | CNN

The big headlines earlier this week were all about the $1.1 billion (all-cash) acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo!. The buyout spurred a huge jump in WordPress blog imports from Tumblr as soon as the news broke – thankfully the 72,000 new imports in an hour not enough to break Tumblr’s 75 million blog posts per day by its users. Yahoo! says it won’t screw up Tumblr, cross its heart and hope to….

Mobile Marketing Statistics 2013 | Smart Insights

It’s not new news that everything is going mobile, but did you know researches expect mobile devices to be the primary choice for Internet use (as opposed to a desktop computer) by next year? On top of that, Apps are dominating with users spending 80% of Internet time on an App versus the browser. As one developer puts it, “It’s an App World. The Web Just Lives in It.” Check out a breakdown of these stats below:


Survey Reveals Having Facebook Fans Tops SMB Wish List | Social Media Today

Would you rather have two million followers on Twitter, or two million engaged fans on Facebook? Hundreds of businesses were asked this question in a Staples small business survey, and – no surprise here – the reigning champion was to have all those engaged Facebook fans. The survey’s infographic also reveals a majority of small business owners manage their own social media efforts, but many still consider themselves to be novices.

Staples Small Biz Survey

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How is GIF pronounced? | Hypable

It’s not spelled or pronounced Jraphics Interchange Format, but the creator of the GIF image format stands by a most controversial statement, that everyone’s been mispronouncing it the entire time. GIF, he says, is pronounced like the peanut butter – like “Jif”!

Despite this disagreement or clarification, whatever you want to call it, Internet users all over the world are saying “too bad” – that hard G is here to stay.

The Party on my Facebook Page | LinkedIn

Does sharing (or over sharing) on Facebook degrade your authenticity, or strengthen your freedom to be different and to explore? The ACLU thinks so, arguing that it “short-circuits” our privacy intuitions. The merging of your different real life networks in an online environment can mean you lose your identity by pandering to a variety of different audiences online (your Florida conservative college friends versus your California beach buddies from high school).

But is also means helping a friend network on LinkedIn, keeping in touch with someone from the past and, according to one author, social media provides the freedom to go outside of the box defined by our communities.

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