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G et Ahead of Yourself

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Nick Cotton Jul 7, 2016

When we walk, our feet guide the body as it tips over. When we run, our feet direct the momentum as the body hurtles forward. Both methods get us places, but to meet ambitious goals, business operators have to accept the inherent risk of an all out sprint.

If you maintain your current rate of growth, what does your business look like in 5 years? What about 10 years? Do you like where this theoretical version of your business will arrive? Do you even know what the current rate of growth for your business is?

Important note: I didn’t ask “where do you want to be?” The metric to focus on is “where will you be if you maintain your current speed?” The first question is about goal setting. The second question is a projection. Goals are hopes and dreams. Projections are a measure of what your current effort is actually worth. These two metrics need to work in tandem or they’re a waste of time.

If your current rate of growth won’t meet your goals, use your marketing department to set a new pace. Push your campaigns into high gear and force the rest of your infrastructure to catch up to the increased demand.

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