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D o You Have To Snapchat?

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Nick Cotton Nov 9, 2015


Yes. It can’t be avoided anymore. Snapchat, a social network made famous for its vanishing video and image messaging, announced it has reached 6 billion daily views. That may not be anywhere near Facebook’s 8 billion video views per day, but keep the following data points in mind:

  • In May of this year, Snapchat was at 2 billion views per day. They’ve tripled their views in 6 months.
  • Snapchat has 30 million active users compared to Facebook’s 1.19 billion. People who use Snapchat are far more dedicated to the platform.
  • Snapchat is where the coveted Millennial demographic spend their time on social media. Their largest group of users are between 13 and 23.

Even with the massive millennial buy-in, Snapchat is a tricky platform to monetize. Tools for businesses to market themselves exist, but only a select few corporations have been given the access. If Snapchat follows a similar path as its forebearers, it’s only a matter of time before those tools are made available to anyone willing to pay.

Don’t wait for that. Get in now while your competition is still sitting on the sidelines. The capacity to dominate in this space doesn’t require anything more than the camera on your phone and a little creativity. Download Snapchat. Dive in. Start to develop your audience now and you’ll be ready to take advantage of that headstart once the time is right.

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