T he Most Common Clog in the Marketing Funnel

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Nick Cotton May 26, 2015

The Most Common Clog

I’m not a plumber. No one would ever hire me to fix a sink. But if a business’s flow of customers comes to an abrupt stop at your landing page and never converts into sales, I have some ideas on how to clear that kind of blockage.

99% of the time, when a marketing funnel is failing, it comes down to one thing:
No one is overseeing the entire process.

After taking over advertising for new clients, we frequently discover that responsibility for the marketing funnel has been divided up. There’s one team in charge of developing leads, another team that delivers the sales pitch. A completely different team closes the deal, and then there’s the overworked team whose job it is to upsell, cross sell and retain the customer now that they’ve got one.

And all those teams don’t execute from the same game plan. Blame for poor performance is passed off on the others and, when the numbers are good, everyone fights to take credit for the win.

Finding one person who is capable enough to oversee every step of the funnel isn’t easy, but it’s critical. A change in wording on a Facebook Promoted Post can drastically change conversion numbers at the far end of the funnel, but without a bird’s eye view, those kind of insights get overlooked.

The bottom line is this: The simplest way to optimize the flow of customers, from walking in to checking out, is to find someone who can take responsibility for the entire pipeline.

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