Project Description

Printers Row Publishing Group (PRPG) is a publishing house with five imprints: Studio Fun International, Silver Dolphin Books, Canterbury Classics, Thunder Bay Press, and Portable Press. For each imprint, we provided a dynamic website with a strong UX that allows visitors to explore the publishers’ extensive catalogs. All five websites are unified within a cohesive, responsive multi-site design, and built on WordPress.

What We Did

  • Responsive website design, built on WordPress
  • SEO optimized meta data for each website
  • Implemented a background script that imports and updates products from an ONIX feed, automatically keeping their catalogs up-to-date
  • Wrote a script that periodically checks for catalog discrepancies and notifies the client if any are found


Zbra Studios received the Silver Website Award from Muse Creative Awards for its work on the Silver Dolphin Books website, an imprint of Printers Row Publishing Group.

Project screenshot 1 for Printers Row Publishing Group

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