Project Description

Dream Vacations Advisors are home-based travel advisors who help find and book ultimate travel vacation packages. Tailored toward people who want to become experts in selling vacations to earn commissions and rewards, the company recently restructured their branding and messaging. Zbra Studios created a new website to update the brand’s look and feel, and to better reach potential travel advisors, while improving the overall experience for the user.

What We Did

  • Restructured messaging on website to target the brand’s new travel advisor personas
  • Visually highlighted the value propositions of the travel advisor opportunity
  • Updated branding colors, photos, graphics and new brand logo, as well as outdated content
  • Helped to focus the website’s messaging to retarget new potential advisors
  • Optimized website for SEO and provided a complete overhaul to focus on advisor targeting
  • Created new landing pages and conversion opportunities to excel marketing reach
  • Created a central webinar platform for conversions
  • Transferred blog and legacy SEO content from old to new platform
  • Determined strongest testimonials on old platform and highlighted them on new site
Project screenshot 1 for Dream Vacations Advisor

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