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Nick Cotton Dec 22, 2023
Google Ads rolls out extra help for business operation verification
By Nicola Agius from Search Engine Land
  • “Google Ads is rolling out a step-by-step guide on how to complete business operation verification.”
  • “The guide aims to simplify the business operation verification process and outline potential reasons for verification failure, empowering users to identify and address issues for successful resolution.”
  • “To determine if you need to complete business operations verification, check for specific steps under “Your status” on the page. If any of these steps are present, it means verification is required. Click on “Get Started” next to the relevant step and proceed to fill out the application form to complete the business operations verification process.”
Is Your Company Blog Eligible For Google News?
By Roger Montti from Search Engine Journal
  • “…there isn’t anything specific to company blogs in the policies. However, those who are interested in getting into Google News, including a company blog, should take a peek at the content policies because there are recommendations that are useful to know.”
  • “It may be possible to get into Google News by passively publishing news content in a company blog. Google’s publisher center help page says that Google can automatically discover news content. However, it may be useful to be more proactive by visiting Google’s publisher center where there’s a way to submit a URL for consideration for inclusion into Google News.”

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