T raffic Personas, VPN Disaster and Postponed Rollouts

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Nick Cotton Apr 24, 2021
How to Use Website Traffic Analysis for Persona Development
By Adam Heitzman from Search Engine Journal
  • “Historically, personas were built by conducting research and interviews with people to gain data. However, we now have many different methods of data collection to help create a picture of this ideal audience.”
  • “Qualitative methods are focus group discussions, interviews, and observations of individual and group behavior. Qualitative research methods are necessary because they allow companies to understand the “why” behind consumer behavior.”
  • “Quantitative methods of research are surveys (online, paper, mobile), online polls, and longitudinal studies. Quantitative data helps to give companies more data with more definitive information…”
VPN Hacks Are a Slow-Motion Disaster
By Brian Barnett from Wired
  • “Security firm FireEye this week revealed that it had found a dozen malware families, spread across multiple hacking groups, feasting on vulnerabilities in Pulse Secure VPN.”
  • “It wasn’t always like this. VPNs used to typically rely on a set of protocols known as Internet Protocol Security, or IPsec. While IPsec-based VPNs are considered secure and reliable, they can also be complicated and clunky for users.”
  • “Hackers will eventually reverse engineer this one after the patch comes out. And corporations continue not to address the exposure to their networks, despite frantic warnings from the security community. That status quo adds up to months or years of quiet espionage, the kind that may never lend itself to a full accounting.”
Google postpones page experience update rollout
By Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land
  • “Google announced that it is postponing the rollout of the page experience update, specifically the ranking change, from May 2021 to be a gradual rollout that won’t start until mid-June 2021 and won’t be fully rolled out until the end of August.”
  • “Google said with this rollout and this new Google update, do not expect drastic changes.”
  • “We all have a bit more time to prepare for this upcoming page experience update. We will see the top stories carousel and Google News specific changes rollout first. Plus, we can use the additional reporting in Search Console to help improve our pages with the page experience update.”

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