M obile Gains, Twitter Verification and Experience is the New Market

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Nick Cotton Dec 18, 2020
Mobile shopping is gaining share this holiday season
By Ginny Marvin From Search Engine Land
  • “It wasn’t that long ago that mobile was primarily considered just the first stop in a conversion journey that, nine times out of ten, ended on desktop. Mobile accounted for just 13% of digital sales at the end of 2014. The numbers look very different this year as digital and mobile commerce habits and experiences have shifted rapidly.”
  • “There have been a number of contributing factors to the growth in mobile commerce that have enabled mobile shopping to surge right along with desktop shopping amid the pandemic this year. The ease of retail apps as well as improved mobile website speeds and streamlined checkout experiences are chief among them.”
  • “Additionally, Google’s Page Experience update will roll out in May and impact mobile rankings. Retailers must invest in mobile web and app experiences, their online-to-store services and in optimizing their mobile ad campaigns in order to capture their own market share.”
Twitter is launching its new verification policy on January 20th
By Nick Statt From The Verge
  • “Twitter’s revamped verification policy is launching on January 20th, 2021, after Twitter pressed pause on the formal application process for more than three years. The new policy was refined with input from tens of thousands of user responses after Twitter confirmed in November it would be relaunching verification next year.”
  • “Some of the new changes in its verification policy include more lax profile information requirements to be eligible for verification, more granular and defined categories for verification badges, and new guidelines around when a verified account may lose its blue checkmark if inactive or if found in violation of Twitter’s policies.”
  • “For human-run accounts, the company says as long as the account holder makes changes before January 20th to bring the account in line with its new verification requirements, there’s no risk of losing an existing badge.”
Content Experiences Are the New Content Marketing
By Viola Eva From Search Engine Journal 
  • “It’s time to take that idea of creating experiences from our user interfaces into our content creation.”
  • “…make it easy for users to find information that is relevant for them because you structure your content by context and needs.”
  • “…content experience is the practice of engaging your visitors, creating powerful online experiences, and being truly helpful. Content experience design helps us get off the treadmill of creating endless walls of text.” 

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