L ittle Data, Free Spectrum and Transformation

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Nick Cotton Jan 31, 2020
So far, under California’s new privacy law, firms are disclosing too little data — or far too much
By Greg Bensinger From the Washington Post
  • “A new consumer privacy law in California was supposed to push companies toward greater transparency around the reams of data they collect every day. But weeks after the landmark law went into effect, the early results are not yet bringing consumers much clarity.”
  • “The office of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) will have only about two dozen agents assigned to enforcement in a state with 40 million people. At an April state Senate hearing, the state’s supervising deputy attorney general on consumer protection said she will probably be able to prosecute just three cases per year.”
  • “Mark Rabins, a data scientist in Los Angeles, spent several hours recently trying to collect personal information about himself from a variety of corporations and data brokers. ‘Either they give you a fire hose of information that is almost impossible to interpret,’ he said, ‘or they give you practically nothing.’”
Wireless carriers may soon boost speeds with a bunch of free spectrum
By Jacob Kastrenakes From The Verge
  • “Wireless carriers are expected to start boosting LTE speeds and augmenting their 5G rollouts later this year with a swath of spectrum that, as of this week, is finally ready for commercial use.”
  • “That frequency delivers data faster than typical LTE airwaves, and it’s farther-reaching than the much higher speed millimeter wave connections used for 5G’s quickest connections. Essentially, it offers a balance of speed and distance that’s particularly handy for 5G deployment.”
  • “Carriers are likely to try out the spectrum for free to see whether they want to pay for licenses later on, says Wright. The FCC is supposed to begin auctioning it off starting in June, and licensed usage is expected later this year.”2
The digital marketing transformation led by Google and Amazon
By Melissa Reilly from Marketing Land
  • “Google’s been working on shedding its image as “just a search engine” for a few years now, but in 2019 it took its greatest strides yet with advertising options that span the entire shopping journey. At its Google Marketing Live event in May, Gallery Ads and Discovery Ads were two major areas of focus, both of which sit on the upper end of the purchasing funnel.”
  • “Amazon, as mentioned, is still far behind Google in ad revenue and has more room for upside to continue growing that portion of its business.”
  • “In 2020 advertisers should take a cue from Google and Amazon, ditching old notions about what each platform is and expanding beyond their comfort zones. As with any new advertising program, concrete testing parameters, including separate budgets and potentially different performance goals, are an important foundation for gauging success.”

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