P ersonalization and Don’t De-Index Your Site

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Nick Cotton Nov 8, 2019
Back to Basics: Personalization only adds value if you do it right
By Laura Robinson from Marketing Land
  • “Personalizing your user’s experience can do wonders for your conversion rate: the Boston Consulting Group has estimated that personalized experiences could show brands a revenue increase between 6% and 10%.”
  • “Imagine you own a business selling pet supplies nationwide, and you’re running an online flash sale on dog beds. By segmenting your audience by what type of animal they have, and then targeting only dog owners with your sale ads and your sale landing page, you’re already making small steps to providing a relevant experience to your customers.”
  • “Personalization done well can make consumers feel like you are engaging directly with them…”
This Is What Happens When You Accidentally De-Index Your Site from Google
By Jeff Baker from MOZ
  • “…don’t de-index your site on accident, for an experiment, or any other reason. It stings. I estimate that we purged about 12% of all organic traffic amounting to an equally proportionate drop on commercial conversions.”
  • “Once pages re-indexed, they were fully restored in terms of search visibility. The biggest issue was getting them re-indexed. “
  • “Search visibility returned to baseline after six weeks. All pages re-indexed after about eight to nine weeks.”

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