W eak Links, Deeper Attribution and Internet Cynics

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Nick Cotton Jun 28, 2019
Small Businesses May Not Be Security’s Weak Link
From Dark Reading
  • “Small businesses often have a bad reputation for being the gateway to supply-chain attacks on larger enterprises. But this may not be the case, as seen in a new report on small-business security.”
  • “Half of large businesses view third-party partners of all sizes as a security risk, but only 14% have suffered a breach from working with a small partner. Meanwhile, 17% were breached as the result of working with a larger partner.”
  • “What’s more concerning, 35% of large organizations admitted when a third party alerted them to insecure data access policies, their practices didn’t change.”
CMOs must dig deeper on attribution
By Andy Betts from Marketing Land
  • “The traditional linear funnel has shattered and today, a customer journey might be dozens or even hundreds of touchpoints deep.”
  • “A cruise company dealing in high value, luxury experiences for example likely knows that their customer has a longer, more complex path to purchase. You might choose to assign a higher value to earlier touchpoints, as customers will spend more time with the brand they’ve already selected consuming content to help them prepare for the experience.”
  • “Those with tightly aligned sales and marketing departments see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates. Marketers need to understand which content and campaigns are driving the best results and leading to sales.”
The Internet Has Made Dupes—and Cynics—of Us All
By Zeynep Tufekci from Wired
  • “People break rules in high-trust societies, of course, but laws, regulations, and norms help to keep most abuses in check; if you have to go to court, you expect a reasonable process. In low-trust societies, you never know. You expect to be cheated, often without recourse.”
  • “The internet is increasingly a low-trust society—one where an assumption of pervasive fraud is simply built into the way many things function.”
  • “There are better ways of beating back the tide of deception. They involve building the kinds of institutions and practices online that have historically led to fair, prosperous, open societies in the physical world. Better rules and technologies that authenticate online transactions; a different ad-tech infrastructure that resists fraud and preserves privacy; regulations that institute these kinds of changes into law: Those would be a start.”

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