M essaging, Metrics and Strong Brands

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Nick Cotton Mar 22, 2019
Zuckerberg says he’s going all in on private messaging. Facebook’s declining user numbers tell us why.
By Elizabeth Dwoskin from The Washington Post
  • “…the company often touts that it has 2.3 billion users worldwide, fewer than 10 percent of whom are in the United States. But most of its revenue comes from serving U.S. and European users — the ones who are drifting away.”
  • “In this light, Zuckerberg’s note last week may represent an effort to transform the company, but it also looks like damage control.”
  • “The independent-minded leaders of Instagram and WhatsApp, who clashed with Zuckerberg over integrating their services, have both left the company in the last year. They’ve been replaced by longtime Zuckerberg deputies who are ready to integrate the services — and to figure out how to squeeze revenue out of that integration.”
Facebook to replace relevance score with 3 new metrics in April
By Amy Gesenhues from Marketing Land
  • “Facebook’s relevance score offered advertisers insight into how relevant an ad may be to the audience it targeted. The relevance score was reported as single metric, but starting Wednesday, Facebook will begin rolling out three new metrics to replace the relevance score.”
  • “The Message Replies and Cost Per Messaging Replies metrics are being replaced with new Messaging Connections and Messaging Conversations Started metrics.”
  • “Facebook’s relevance metric updates should offer advertisers more nuanced insights into predicted performance and where to focus optimization efforts. If you are using any of the other metrics in you’re reporting, plan to update those reports in the coming month”
How to develop a brand identity system (like Intercom)
By Katherine Gustafson from TechCrunch
  • “While the elements of a brand are primarily visual, brand identity is based on foundational values and attitudes that define a company.”
  • “A strong brand is one that can be distilled down to the most basic elements and still be recognizable. Even a single word written a particular way can convey volumes.”
  • “If your brand is built on ideas and not just on a simple collection of visual elements, you can be consistent and creative. Allow your brand to have a life of its own, anchored by its core values and principles.”

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