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F ixing the Internet and Messenger for Business

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Nick Cotton Nov 10, 2017

Here’s the news we’re talking about around the Zbra Studios water cooler. We’ve provided key bullet points from each article for the speed readers out there.

How DARPA, The Secretive Agency That Invented The Internet, Is Working To Reinvent It
By Mark Wallace from Fast Company
  • “…the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a program aimed at ‘completely rethinking how to network and compute’ by taking advantage of the computing resources that have begun to saturate the world around us in the form of smartphones, tablets, connected vehicles, Internet of things endpoints, and more.”
  • DARPA’s Dispersed Computing program (or DCOMP, as it’s known) adds another moniker to the set of emerging technologies that includes fog computing, edge computing, and distributed computing. DCOMP takes these paradigms one step further, however, and envisions a network that is able to borrow processing and communications resources from its many nodes as and when needed to accomplish whatever task its users might throw at it.”
  • “To understand how and when to allocate all those devices’ computing and communications power, the network will need to be able to examine itself, to a certain extent.”
Facebook introduces a Messenger plugin for business websites
By Sarah Perez from Tech Crunch
  • “Facebook Messenger is coming to businesses’ own websites. The social network announced today the launch of a new customer chat plugin into closed beta, which will allow customers to talk directly with businesses on their websites using Messenger, and continue those conversations across web, mobile and tablet devices.”
  • “Not only does the ability to use Messenger mean the business is making itself available within an application that now reaches some 1.2 billion monthly users and growing, the Messenger platform also supports features like payments, bots that understand natural language, and rich media, among other things.”
  • “The new plugin is now being trialed by a number of partners, including AdoreMe, Air France, Argos, Aviva, Bodeaz, Goibibo, Keto Mojo, KLM, Mermaid Pillow, Spoqa, Total Activation, Volaris and Zalando. During this beta period, other interested businesses can sign up to be notified when the chat plugin is broadly available, says Facebook.”

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