T op 5 Favorite Ads from April Fools’ Day 2015

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Nick Cotton Apr 4, 2015

Top 5 Favorite Ads (3)

April Fools’ Day is the holiday that encourages brands to let their personality run wild and take some risks. This year there was real competition in fake advertising.

After playing Pac Man in Google Maps I thought Google would run away with competition, but it was pointed out to me: not a joke. They actually did it. You can play Pac Man on Google Maps. Thus, I’m not an April fool and Google is cut from the ranks. It’s a strange way to be disqualified in a competition… but that’s what separates April Fools’ from the rest of the non-holiday holidays. I’m looking at you Star Wars Day (May 4th).

And now, without further delay, Zbra Studios’ top five favorite April Fools’ ad campaigns for 2015 are: (drumroll on your desk if you please… seriously)

#5 Gify’s GIFt Makes Online GIFs into Real World Gifts


#4 Think Geek’s Mad Max Power Wheels


I want this for my niece and nephews so bad.


 #3 Hooters Opens a Sister Brand Called Roosters


I wouldn’t eat there but its existence would make me happy.


#2 University of Nebraska–Lincoln Starts a New Major: Feline Recruitment Studies


#1 Tiekes Offers a Bunny With Purchase



Why did Tiekes walk away with the big win? Because:

– The prank is consistent with the brand’s pastel personality, delivering tongue-in-cheek humor wrapped in cuteness.
– April Fools’ fell so close to Easter this year the prank took advantage of two holidays at once.
– It’s more than one joke. The puns (Find Somebunny) and the bunny options (Liam Hopsworth) filled the page with laughter.

And the big one!

– I wanted it to be real. Zoey promised I could keep the bunny that came with her next pair of flats. And like a fool, I believed her.


I’m not over it. I still want a bunny.

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