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I s Your MVP Looney Tunes?

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Nick Cotton Feb 20, 2015


The Dodgers and Angels are conspiring. Their marketing departments have teamed up to ignite a lukewarm freeway rivalry between the two Los Angeles teams. The billboard, pictured above, beams down at the corner of Highland and Wilshire.

This match-up has plenty going for it. Both teams have strong chances of making it to the postseason. The two stadiums are mere 31.5 miles apart. Red vs Blue.

And then there’s the personal rivalry. The 2014 MVP match up. Trout vs. Kershaw. The Angels’ home run hitting centerfielder vs the Dodger’s rockstar starting pitcher. The teams have announced a hashtag campaign leading up to the series. Fans can show their support for Mike with #MVPTrout. For those following Zbra Studios, expect to see us tweeting love for Clayton with #MVPKersh.

But what I want to know, and the reason this merits a blog post on our marketing blog, is: why the floating heads? I’m crazy excited for baseball season but the first thought I had when I saw the billboard was, “Looney Toons?”

I realize Mike Trout’s neck is thick enough to crowd Kershaw off the billboard all by itself, but – from a marketing perspective – there are more scenic options than decapitation.

Personal note: the only “Red” worthy of a Dodgers’ rivalry is the blasted St Lewis Cardinals, who consistently knock us out in the post-season. But not this year. 2015 is ours.

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