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Nick Cotton Jan 30, 2015

WeLoveLAreallyIn the first quarter of every year, the Dodgers announce the new slogan that will encapsulate advertising, marketing and digital campaigns for the new season. Last year it was the staccato “Live. Breath. Blue.” (Punctuation enthusiasts rejoiced, as sports teams usually overlook the lowly period in favor of the exclamation point.)


Back in 2013, fans were treated to “A Whole New Blue” in light of the team’s sale by the McCourts to Magic Johnson (and friends). Often, new ownership means uncertainty but for us it meant hope. Hope that deep pockets would reinvigorate our team, modernize our stadium and free us from news about the McCourts’ costly marital disputes. Dodger Nation was ready for “A Whole New Blue.”


But this year, the Dodger fan base has been rocked by big trades. I don’t mind admitting tears were shed when shortstop-turned-second-basemen Dee Gordon was whisked away to the Miami Marlins.

And anyone who Lived. Breathed. Blue. had to breathe into a paper bag when Matt Kemp was traded within the division to the San Diego Padres, arthritic hips and all. For those who haven’t driven through Los Angeles, we are a city of billboards. And Matt Kemp was on a lot of them. He didn’t just represent the team, he was a fixture of the city itself.

So this morning, when “We Love LA” was announced as the new 2015 slogan, it sent a clear message that though the team may have abandoned our favorite heroes, they haven’t abandoned us. They love us.

We have three months to see if that love will translate into big bats and bigger wins. But in the interim, the Dodgers marketing team will be hard at work trying to convince fans that the team still cares.

I miss you Dee. And the season hasn’t even started.

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