M onday Booster Shot: Craigslist too old to be so ugly

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Kelly Erickson Feb 19, 2013
Graphic via Mashable

It’s easy to identify all the things around the house that were bought on Craigslist – that coffee table, the bookshelf, some garage sale wine glasses from years ago. The website revolutionized the local online marketplace for selling things, buying things, and bartering (my iPhone for your Porsche?), but in its 18-year history the recognizable design has barely changed. With social websites being designed, updated, and tweaked to death, 18 years is a fossilized dinosaur in terms of web design.

Despite the uninspiring and ugly blue-links-on-white-background design scheme, it makes around $300 million per year and has continued to be a part of our lexicon – how the heck did anyone find an apartment Before Craigslist (aka the digital BC)?

And so Mashable asks, “Are we content trudging along, searching classified listings like it’s 1999?” The simple answer: Yes! The iPad app is TERRIBLE. Our crystal ball says it’s only a matter of time, but does it even NEED a redesign to draw more customers?

For now Craiglist has its own problems beyond jazzing up its look. Check out the full article on Mashable.

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