G oogle Rankings, Deep Search and Sharing Your Data

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Nick Cotton Mar 30, 2024
Google: Incremental Improvements May Not Impact Rankings
By Matt G. Southern from Search Engine Journal
  • “In a recent episode of Google’s Search Off the Record podcast, John Mueller, a Search Advocate at Google, cautioned site owners against overly fixating on incremental improvements to their Core Web Vitals scores. Mueller suggested that these minor optimizations may yield few visible search ranking changes.”
  • “The metrics, which include Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and the recently introduced Interaction to Next Paint (INP), have driven site owners to optimize their pages for better scores.”
  • “While these metrics are important, it’s crucial to maintain sight of the bigger picture. Overinvesting time and resources into chasing minor improvements may not yield the desired results in search rankings.”
Bing Deep Search is officially live for all users
By Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land
  • “Bing Deep Search, an optional generative AI feature meant to help searchers with complex questions that don’t have simple answers, is now fully live for all users.”
  • “Deep Search won’t load as quickly as regular search results. It may take Deep Search up to 30 seconds to complete, Microsoft said. This makes the feature sound dead on arrival – as most searchers likely won’t have that much patience.”
  • “This is another variation of using AI for search results. These search results seem like they would drive more clicks than Bing Chat or Google Bard and even Google SGE. But time will tell.”
Some of the Most Popular Websites Share Your Data With Over 1,500 Companies
By Matt Burgess from Wired
  • “In November 2023, IAB Europe updated its Transparency and Consent Framework, in response to rulings saying it didn’t comply with Europe’s GDPR, to include the provision that companies should disclose how many partners they’re sharing user data with on the first pages of their websites.”
  • “However, adding the number of companies data is shared with becomes meaningless if the number is too large,..“
  • “While individual websites may say data can be shared with hundreds of third-party companies, they may not be doing it directly themselves—the owner of one tracker may ultimately share that data with other advertising companies.”

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