S EO Communication Tips, Meta Refunds Advertisers and Online Speech Goes Supreme

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Nick Cotton Feb 24, 2024
Impactful SEO Reporting: 7 Tips For Effective SEO Reports That Build Buy-In
From Search Engine Journal
  • “SEO strategies see more impressive results when they are supported by other teams, like the folks responsible for creating content and making changes to a site.”
  • “Cryptic jargon, unnecessary information, or excessive, in-the-weeds details can quickly turn potential buy-in to frustration and sheer confusion. To avoid this, you’ll want to ruthlessly tailor the content of your reports to the audience who will be receiving it.”
  • “You’ll want to show comparative MoM (month over month) and YoY (year over year) metrics, which are especially impactful in communicating value and ROI to higher-ups and budget holders.”
Meta apologizes after ad error causes campaigns to overspend by ‘thousands’
By Nicola Agius from Search Engine Land
  • “The tech giant confirmed that services are now restored and expressed regret for any inconvenience caused to advertisers.”
  • Full refunds aren’t guaranteed for affected advertisers, but you can take steps to improve your chances.
  • If you were affected by the Ads Delivery outage, applying for a refund is necessary, but it’s important to note that payment is not guaranteed. To enhance the likelihood of receiving a full refund, there are specific steps you can take.
The Supreme Court is about to decide the future of online speech
By Lauren Feiner from The Verge
  • “Social media companies have long made their own rules about the content they allow on their sites. But a pair of cases set to be argued before the Supreme Court on Monday will test the limits of that freedom, examining whether they can be legally required to host users’ speech.”
  • “It’s not just big social media platforms that are concerned about the effects of the laws. The nonprofit that runs Wikipedia and individual Reddit moderators have worried that they might need to fundamentally change how they operate or face new legal threats. More traditional publishers have warned that a ruling in the states’ favor could undercut their First Amendment rights as well.”
  • “While most of the discussion around these cases has focused on big tech platforms like commercial social networks, a decision against them could be applied to everyone from traditional media outlets to individual website moderators, too.”

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