C ore Updates and Brand Secrets

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Nick Cotton Nov 24, 2023
Google November 2023 core update rollout is now complete
By Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land
  • “The update started on November 2, 2023, only a couple of weeks after the October 2023 core update, which started rolling out on October 5 and was completed on October 19.”
  • “This update, like most previous core updates, felt big in terms of the number of sites that saw ranking volatility and the complaints from SEOs about the rollout. This November core update started off fast and had a very big impact right away.”
  • Google algorithm updates are critical for all brands, businesses, and organizations to be aware of because they can impact how your site performs in search results. Any change in rankings from a core update – positive or negative – can impact your organic traffic, conversions and revenue.”
Brand Secrets for Standing Out in a Crowded World
By Heather-Mae Pusztai from Buffer
  • “Brand pyramids have been around since the late nineties, but still play a key role in brand strategy. Pyramids help you to answer fundamental questions about your business and its place in the market. Here’s an example brand pyramid from Insead Knowledge:”
  • Craft a simple tagline and message. Just Do It, Think Different, I’m Lovin’ It… Those are all examples of great brand taglines. By saying just two or three words, I bet you knew exactly which businesses I was talking about. And that’s the power of being able to boil your message down to something simple, and memorable.
  • “…your brand is the identity of your business and how it makes people feel. So every single touchpoint where someone can interact with your business should represent what you want your brand to be, and how you want people to feel.”

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