S EO Mistakes and Meeting Overload

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Nick Cotton Oct 28, 2023
5 SEO mistakes sacrificing quantity and quality (and how to fix them)
By Brad Smith from Search Engine Land
  • “In a world of endless competition, incredibly savvy competitors, AI, and zero-click SERPs, you simply can’t afford not to scale both quality and quantity at the same exact time.” 
  • “You need better internal operating systems – not just better, more talented people – to scale million-dollar brands into billion-dollar ones.”
  • “You, putting your head down and trusting the process, can lap them over the next few years before they even know what hit them. You can’t guarantee SEO results. But you can predict SEO success before publishing a single thing.”
Death by a thousand meetings: How to reduce video-call overload
By Danielle Abril from The Washington Post
  • “The reliance on video meetings, which rapidly grew when workers were locked down during the pandemic, has continued despite many white-collar workers returning to the office. Microsoft recently reported that in the spring of 2022, the number of video-enabled Teams meetings per week more than doubled globally for the average user since the start of the pandemic.”
  • “Shopify recently encouraged employees to decline meetings, implemented no-meeting Wednesdays and purged all meetings with more than three people, encouraging a temporary pause before anyone could add them back. And TechSmith, a Michigan-based tech firm, recently said it boosted productivity by piloting a month without meetings.”
  • “Consider how much time people need to do deep thinking vs. interacting, Perlow suggested. Leverage the days people are physically together for meetings.”

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