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Nick Cotton Jul 28, 2023
How to use SEO education for stakeholder management
By Helen Pollitt from Search Engine Land
  • “One of the biggest advantages you can give yourself in SEO is educating your company or departments who deal with the website/s.”
  • “Opening the wider company’s eyes to the complexities of SEO can aid them in realizing when they need to involve you in their decision-making or quality assurance.”
  • “Whatever level of training you can give your stakeholders, the more buy-in to your ideas and processes you’ll get.”
Google On Fixing Discovered Currently Not Indexed
By Roger Montti from Search Engine Journal 
  • “Google’s John Mueller answered whether removing pages from a large site helps to solve the problem of pages that are discovered by Google but not crawled. John offered general insights on how to solve this issue.”
  • “Optimizing an entire site or a section of a site is kind of a general high-level way to look at the problem. It often comes down to optimizing individual pages on a scaled basis.”
  • “A webpage can play the role of a knowledgeable salesperson that can communicate to Google why the page should be indexed and helps customers choose those products.”

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