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H azardous Social Media, Facebook Safety and SEO Survives

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Nick Cotton May 26, 2023
US Surgeon General says social media may be hazardous to teen health
By Jon Porter From The Verge
  • “Although the report says social media can provide benefits to younger users and cautions that more research is needed to fully understand its impact, it says America needs to ‘urgently take action to create safe and healthy digital environments that minimize harm and safeguard children’s and adolescents’ mental health and well-being during critical stages of development.’”
  • “The advisory comes as attempts to make social media safer for children and teenagers are gathering pace in the US and around the world with legislation such as the UK’s Online Safety Bill.”
  • “Finally, although the report notes that ‘the onus of mitigating the potential harms of social media should not be placed solely on the shoulders’ of either parents and caregivers or children themselves, it also offers some advice on how to foster a healthier relationship with social media by, for example, reporting cyberbullying and online abuse or establishing boundaries between online and offline activities.”
Don’t get hacked on Facebook. Do these 6 things now.
By Heather Kelly from The Washington Post
  • If Facebook only has an old, nonworking email address for you, it will be nearly impossible to reset your password in an emergency. Make sure the site has your current email address and not an old Yahoo or college account that you no longer check.
  • All the security features in the world can’t save you from falling for convincing scammers in email, texts, Messenger or on the phone. Here are some rules of thumb to avoid being manipulated into turning over your Facebook password, money or personal information.
  • The impact is more than just inconvenience or money. A hacked Facebook account can also mean lost connections with family members or friends, or a small business losing control of its only online presence. Save your entire Facebook account now, so you’ll have a backup of all your contacts, posts and other information.
The future of SEO and why it’s not dying
By Corey Morris from Search Engine Journal
  • Friends and colleagues have asked me several times in the past few weeks whether SEO is relevant or will exist with the rise of AI. My answer to each has been that there’s a constant that I don’t see going away.”
  • “While I’m not about 100% turning over content strategy to AI, it can be a great research assistant, first draft writer, etc. (And no, there’s no AI writing in this article. This is all original human content.) In short, test it, use it, and at least understand what it can and can’t do today and as each new version drops. Don’t ignore it or put your head in the sand.”
  • “While we might call it something else in the future, it isn’t dying. It will continue to evolve and morph into what it needs to be.”

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