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Nick Cotton Oct 29, 2022
The GIF Is on Its Deathbed
By Kaitlyn Tiffany from The Atlantic
  • “Much, too, has been made of Meta’s acquisition of the GIF search engine Giphy, which regulators in the U.K. have attempted to block.”
  • “No company other than Meta is interested in buying it—they know because they specifically asked Adobe, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Snap, and Twitter, and they all said no.” 
  • “‘Further, there are indications of an overall decline in GIF use,’ the filing continues. Without providing any specific figures, they highlight a ‘drop in total GIF uploads,’ a growing disdain for GIFs among social-media users, and ‘younger users in particular describing GIFs as ‘for boomers’ and ‘cringe.’”
Google search study: 25.6% of desktop, 17.3% of mobile are zero-click
By Danny Goodwin from Search Engine Land
  • “A new Semrush study has found that zero-click Google searches aren’t quite the boogeyman they’ve been made out to be in SEO circles in recent years.”
  • “Since 2019, there has been a lot of noise made about how Google is stealing clicks for itself. Google’s Danny Sullivan offered more context, pointing out that Google sends more traffic to websites every year and laying out some logical reasons why certain queries don’t end with a click on a website. “
  • “In my opinion (as well as the opinions of many other smart SEO professionals I know): those past zero-click “studies” were misleading at best, and nonsense at worst. And they got way more attention than they deserved because the math never really added up.”
Twitter’s making it easier for professional account users to link to their content and services
By Aisha Malik from TechCrunch
  • “Twitter is launching a new ‘Link Spotlight’ feature that lets professional account users add an interactive button to their profiles that links to a specific URL.”
  • With this new button, you can refer users to take a look at your menu, listen to your podcast, make a reservation and more.”
  • “Prior to the addition of the Link Spotlight feature, professional accounts have had the option to add a website link in their profiles, but you aren’t able to categorize the link. The addition of Link Spotlights gives professional accounts the option to link to more content or services in a clearer and more direct way.”

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