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Nick Cotton Sep 30, 2022
Why sales needs SEO more than ever
By Bruce Clay from Search Engine Land
  • “So far, it is clear that the world is slow to recover from the impacts of the last few years. The remote work paradigm is not going away, and sales must adapt. Change is needed.”
  • “Sales networking just isn’t as valuable as it once was.”
  • “In today’s sales reality, your company website is your most important salesperson.”
  • “Bottom line, if you find that your leads are diminishing, it is likely because your website traffic is suffering. And that is best addressed with SEO.”
I tried replacing Google with TikTok, and it worked better than I thought
By Nick Barclay from The Verge
  • “TikTok is the new Google. Or so some people say. As TikTok grows, Google, in particular, has begun to describe the app as a whole new way of creating and consuming the internet and maybe an existential threat to its own search engine.”
  • “If search really is a long-term focus for TikTok, the platform will need to change a bit. Right now, creators only get one link in their bio, so you get lots of videos that tell you to look at a new thing in their bio, but that link is already gone by the time I see it.”
  • “TikTok won’t replace Google for me — or anyone — anytime soon. But it’s increasingly clear that 10 blue links — with a bunch of barely labeled ads at the top, a big shopping widget, and a lot of links to Google services — isn’t always the right interface for search.”

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