R easons to Outsource and Email isn’t the Problem

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Nick Cotton Aug 26, 2022
6 reasons why it makes sense to outsource SEO
By Corey Morris from Search Engine Land
  • “Having a third party, or someone who isn’t embedded in the organization’s day-to-day, can be a big plus. That person or group can see things that get missed while dealing with other marketing activities, operations, sales activities or customer service.”
  • “The ability to stay up-to-date and to be an expert at the level needed to craft, maintain and adapt an SEO strategy can be hard to do in-house.”
  • “It is possible to measure SEO ROI whether the effort is managed in-house or with a partner. However, it isn’t always the easiest when “hats”, accountabilities and expertise can be issues. If you’re doing SEO, you’re investing in people, tech, content and measurement. You want to know you’re getting a return on that investment. Are you able to tell that with an in-house team?”
Email Doesn’t Suck. It’s Email Clients That Need Improving
By Scott Gilbertson from Wired
  • “The technology behind email is one of the longest-lasting, most-used sets of protocols on the internet. But while email technology, like the postcard, has stood the test of time, email clients have not. They’ve been corrupted, neglected, and relegated to the back of the class. If we’re really going to learn to love email again, what we first need are better email clients.”
  • “A stand-alone email client gives you the same advantages all native applications have over their web-based counterparts: speed, grace, and offline accessibility. This type of thing used to be common.”
  • “…the biggest win with stand-alone mail clients is that you can make them work the way you want. Most email clients, especially web-based clients like Gmail, have a workflow in mind. If it’s not your workflow, too bad.”

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