A I SEO, Google Ads Extensions and Microsoft’s VPN

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Nick Cotton Apr 29, 2022
Can AI Perform SEO? Experimenting With OpenAI’s GPT-3
By Vincent Terrasi from SEO Journal
  • “Often, in the SEO business, it is time-consuming and tedious to understand what actually happened when a problem occurs and sometimes there will never be an explanation. AI cannot find solutions with data not part of its analysis.”
  • “There are often many constraints on what has already been done or tested on a site or a set of sites. Therefore, it is currently impossible to provide all the source codes and project documentation to an AI system to find an accurate answer that considers all the existing information.”
  • “To summarize, an AI system can outperform a novice SEO or a person with little SEO knowledge, but it will still have a long way to go to replace an experienced SEO expert.”
How the Google Ads extensions upgrade may impact your accounts
By Greg Finn from Search Engine Land
  • “As reported in February, one of the biggest improvements to extensions is the ability to pause them. You will no longer have to remove or delete extensions in your campaigns.”
  • “Google in order to see legacy data post-migration advertisers will have to utilize Reports. Google chronicled the steps along with API information in a recent update.”
  • “In May, all extensions (except image and location) will have been upgraded. It may be prudent to double-check accounts to ensure higher-level extensions would be suitable for all ads/ad groups. Advertisers should also keep an eye on the automated extensions generated as well.”
Microsoft is adding a free built-in VPN to its Edge browser
By Sheena Vasani from The Verge
  • “Microsoft is adding a free built-in virtual private network (VPN) service to its Edge browser in a bid to improve security and privacy, a Microsoft support page revealed.”
  • “When turned on, Edge Secure Network should encrypt users’ web traffic so internet service providers can’t collect browsing information you’d rather keep private, like, say, health-related searches or just plain bizarre queries.”
  • “There’s a catch for this free service, though. Data use is limited to 1GB per month, and users will need to be signed in to a Microsoft account so the company can, well, ironically track their usage.”

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