T witter Spaces, Google Title Change and Collaborating with Creators

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Nick Cotton Oct 29, 2021
Twitter is finally letting everyone create Spaces
By Emma Roth From The Verge
  • “Twitter is finally giving all of its users the ability to host a Space, which is a privilege that arguably should’ve been granted long ago.”
  • “The Spaces team sent out a tweet to announce the change, noting that users on both Android and iOS will now be able to host Spaces. It also offers a GIF that briefly refreshes users on how to host a Space, in case you’ve forgotten after all these months.”
  • “With Twitter only lifting restrictions on hosting privileges now, it might’ve missed an important window to get users interested in using the feature.”
Navigating Google’s title changes: The rollout, what’s happening now and what you can do about it
By George Nguyen From Search Engine Land
  • “If you’ve noticed fluctuations in your CTRs, it may be worthwhile to investigate whether Google has changed your title link. SEOs and tool providers have come up with numerous ways to do this…”
  • “Unfortunately, there is little you can do to directly change Google’s title links, but embracing a more holistic view of the issue can help you craft more informative titles and avoid bad rewrites from Google.”
  • “We’re now accustomed to optimizing for rich results, featured snippets, knowledge panels and dozens of other non-traditional search features, but titles — as Google has now reminded us — are one of the oldest forms of on-SERP SEO.”
Instagram rolls out new tools for creators to collaborate and partner with brands
By Aisha Malik From Tech Crunch
  • “The Facebook-owned company is expanding its existing native affiliate tool, which launched in June and allows creators to discover products, share them with followers and earn commissions for sales driven by their posts.”
  • “Additionally, Instagram is rolling out a new folder within DMs exclusively for partnership messages. The new folder aims to ensure that creators don’t miss opportunities from brands whose messages may have otherwise been buried in a creator’s inbox.”
  • “Brands now also have the option to use data and unique filters to discover suitable creators for their campaigns. They can then also organize shortlists to manage multiple campaigns and creators.”

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