S ubject Matter Experts, Yelp Audiences and Ransomware

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Nick Cotton Jul 30, 2021

Facebook Groups Can Designate Subject Matter Experts

By Matt Southern from Search Engine Journal
  • “In an update to Facebook Groups, administrators can now assign knowledgeable members the role of subject matter expert.”
  • “In addition, group experts can collaborate with admins to host Q&As, share perspectives on a topic, and respond to questions.”
  • “Another perk group experts receive is the ability to send automatic invites. This allows them to invite recently engaged Page followers to join groups they’re involved with.”

Yelp Audiences allows advertisers to reach Yelp users off the platform

By George Nguyen from Search Engine Land
  • “Yelp is launching Yelp Audiences, its first offering that enables both location-based and non-location-based advertisers to reach Yelp users across the web, based on their Yelp search activity…”
  • “Yelp Audiences can enable brands to target Yelp users based on their Yelp searches, search filters and category interests. Since those ads appear off of Yelp’s platform and can take users to pages that are also off of Yelp…”
  • “…90% of people make a purchase within a week after visiting Yelp, according to a Yelp survey conducted by SurveyMonkey

Many ransomware attacks go unreported. The FBI and Congress want to change that.

By Gerrit De Vynck from The Washington Post
  • “Congress, urged on by the nation’s top law enforcement agencies, is pushing to require companies to report ransomware attacks in an effort to help the government understand the scope of the threat.”
  • “Ransomware attacks have emerged in the past few months as a major risk for American companies and institutions such as schools, hospitals and even city governments. Hackers can use methods as simple as a phishing email attack to steal data and lock the computer owner out of their system, then demand a ransom.”
  • “Companies are often reluctant to come forward when they’ve been hit because of the risk of casting a shadow over their brand, said Kurtis Minder, a ransomware negotiator and founder of the cybersecurity firm GroupSense. In his position he speaks to dozens of companies that have been hit by ransomware attacks.”

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