T racking people and E.A.T. Tactics

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Nick Cotton Jun 26, 2021
Google is totally changing how ads track people around the Internet. Here’s what you need to know.
By Gerrit De Vynck from The Washington Post
  • “Google has vowed to block cookies completely on its Chrome browser, which is used by around 70 percent of the world’s desktop computer owners, by the beginning of 2022.”
  • “For one, Google’s Chrome browser is still monitoring every website you visit and feeding that into its algorithm. The information stays on your device, but it’s still being gathered.”
  • “When companies such as Google make changes to how products used by billions of people work, there are consequences. Getting rid of cookies completely could hurt news publishers and e-commerce start-ups, decreasing the number of voices online and pushing up prices for consumer products. It could also increase privacy and move the Internet in the direction of less surveillance overall.”
Demonstrating E-A-T: Tactics to implement, and avoid, for greater search visibility
By George Nguyen from Search Engine Land
  • “The competition for site traffic, users’ attention and trust is constantly intensifying, and now, people have more choice than ever about where they can go to find the information or products they’re looking for. That’s why search engines like Google are emphasizing expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) as a measure of content relevance and quality.”
  • “While you may not be publishing articles that contradict science, the characteristics of sites that host that kind content can be found in low E-A-T content across all sectors.”
  • “Businesses may turn to these tactics so that they can save time by reusing a page template, or as an attempt to manipulate ranking signals.”
  • “…the benefits can be well worth the effort as you stand to increase your organic visibility and build more trust with audiences, both of which can work hand-in-hand to get you closer to your business goals.”

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