A nchor Tags, Aging Designs and Farewell IE

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Nick Cotton May 28, 2021
What is an HTML A tag (anchor tag)?
By Erika Varagouli from Semrush
  • “Specifically, anchor tags allow users to ‘jump’ from one section of a webpage to another section on the same page. You can attach the anchor tag to any specific heading, keyword, or phrase (thereby creating what is known as an ‘anchor element’).” 
  • “If your web pages contain heaps of text, introducing anchor tags means that users will not have to scroll to try to locate a particular section of the page. Your site needs to utilize clear heading hierarchies, bolding, and other design features that break up slabs of text.”
  • “Don’t overlook HTML A (anchor) tags for regular internal linking. Anchor tags and anchor tag attributes are key for enhancing user experiences (so users can navigate web pages easily) and helping to optimize web pages so that search engines understand what your webpage is about and index accordingly.”
How Diverse Representations of Old Age Can Shift Our Perspective on Aging
By Jade French from Eye on Design
  • “The Centre for Ageing Better proposes that providing a wider range of icons and photographs that represent an array of diverse older people can shift public consciousness in incremental ways.”
  • “Norman suggests design studios should work directly with older audiences to understand how visual language impacts them—or, perhaps more accurately—often ignores them.”
  • “In a philosophical sense, Zapolski suggests everyone—at any life stage—should be ready to think about aging through the lens of self-expression (as facilitated by design).”
Goodbye Internet Explorer—and Good Riddance
By Lily Hay Newman from Wired
  • “IE has long since fallen out of favor. Microsoft has spent five years cutting off support for various versions. But as of November, the browser was still the fourth-most-popular for desktops, with 5.2 percent market share, ahead of Apple’s Safari, according to data from the web analytics firm NetMarketShare.”
  • “Microsoft 365 and other apps will end support for all versions of IE on August 17, and Internet Explorer 11 will fully retire a little more than a year from now.”
  • “To deal with legacy websites that were purpose-built to IE’s specifications years ago, Microsoft has an IE mode in Edge that can still load the pages. Overall, though, the average web user shouldn’t encounter major issues, or any issues really, switching to any current browser.”

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