A DA Risk, Color Study and Page Evaluation

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Nick Cotton Dec 5, 2020
Is your website at risk for an ADA accessibility lawsuit?
By Richard Horvath from Marketing Land
  • “Now more than ever, providing the proper website accessibility is becoming undeniably more important, not only because it’s the right thing to do, to give all visitors an opportunity to get to your services or products, but also because costly lawsuits against companies with alleged non-compliance have quickly increased over the past few years. Those suits and settlements can cause a huge financial burden to businesses.”
  • “All industries need to comply with website accessibility laws but some are more likely to be sued”
  • “There are many ways you can keep your website ADA compliant, including working with your website development team or website company to ensure compliance points are taken care of. You can also choose from a variety of automated solutions, some of which use artificial intelligence to scan and fix issues.”
A New Study About Color Tries to Decode ‘The Brain’s Pantone’
By Sara Harroson From Wired
  • “Conway is suggesting a new method of organizing and understanding colors: by basing it on patterns of neuron activation in the brain. In a recent paper published in Current Biology, Conway was able to show that each color elicits a unique pattern of neural activity.”
  • “The MEG data showed that the patterns of brain activity corresponding to blue and dark blue were more similar to each other than the patterns for yellow and brown were to each other. Even though these hues all differed by the same amount of luminance, the brain processed the pair of warm colors as being much more different from one another, compared to the two blues.”
  • “Understanding these patterns could potentially help scientists develop visual prostheses that would restore peoples’ experience of sight, or create ways for people to communicate exactly what they perceive.”
What to evaluate ahead of Google’s Page Experience update
By George Nguyen from Search Engine Land
  • “With roughly six months remaining before the impact manifests in the search results, marketers may think that there’s plenty of time to prepare in the new year. However, there are many considerations to evaluate and conversations to have with stakeholders before the work can even begin.”
  • “Google also plans to launch a visual indicator to distinguish search results that have met all of the page experience criteria. The company says it plans to test the page experience indicator soon, and if it is successful, it will also launch in May 2021.”
  • “Larger publishers may currently be utilizing AMP to deliver their content or they may have the resources to make regular updates to their user experience. Smaller publishers may have to be more deliberate and plan ahead.”

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