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M yth-Busting, Tupperware and Off-Page SEO

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Nick Cotton Aug 7, 2020
SEO myth-busting: What is not a Google search ranking factor
By Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land
  • “SEOs and site owners love to talk about various Google ranking factors. While we know content and links are still important signals, there is always chatter about elements that Google has repeatedly stated don’t actually affect rankings.”
  • “Just make your site awesome for your users and let Google figure out how to rank it. That is what the past 20 years of Google algorithm updates have taught us.”
  • “Focus on making sure your site has accurate content and links to trusted and quality web sites. Make sure you have a high conversion rate and that people share your content.”
How Tupperware Became the Original Social Network of 1950s Suburbia
By Madeleine Morley from Eye On Design
  • “Introduced to the public in 1947, Tupperware languished on department store shelves until in 1949 Wise, a recently divorced mother and former newspaper columnist, began selling impressive numbers of the containers door-to-door in her suburban Florida neighborhood. Her business was called Patio Parties, and it used a sales strategy pioneered by companies like Stanley Home Products, where sellers would demonstrate novel designs at planned domestic events.”
  • “To mark Tupperware’s rocketing success, Wise became the first woman to appear on the cover of Business Week in 1954.
  • “While its exploitative nature is evident, Tupperware parties also subversively created a space for women to vent frustrations under the pretext of a domestic chore. In 1950s suburban America, there were few other excuses for all-female gatherings of this kind, especially ones in which women played games and talked about how terrible their partners were.”
  • “When Wise first brought selling into the home, it certainly felt like the shopping experience of the future. But it was not yet clear how prophetic her vision would turn out to be. While Mad Men were pouring energy into full-color billboards and catchy jingles for the radio, Wise recognized the untapped value of suburban influencers,”
What Is Off-Page SEO? A Comprehensive Guide 
By Erika Varagouli From SEMRush
  • “If you want to rank your site on Google and increase your brand’s visibility and organic search traffic in 2020, you need to be looking beyond your own site.”
  • “Think about off-page SEO as building your site’s authority, and without this, your site won’t outrank those that already have higher authority. And it is usually the case that content from higher authority websites ranks higher than those with lower authority.”
  • “Think brand-first, and you will go into off-page SEO with the right mindset to achieve the results that will truly make a real difference upon your brand’s online presence.”

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