V alidation, Cheaper Fiber and Design Rush

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Nick Cotton Dec 6, 2019
LinkedIn adds Data Validation to Sales Navigator
By Jennifer Cannon from MarketingLand
  • “LinkedIn launched Data Validation, a feature designed to help users manage their contacts and ensure they have the most up-to-date contact data.”
  • “Syncing account data between LinkedIn and the CRM will help users identify opportunities at risk due to prospects leaving a position during an open opportunity. It also identifies contacts from past customers or opportunities who have started roles at new companies.”
Google Fiber won’t offer its cheaper plan to new customers anymore
By Adi Robertson From The Verge
  • “Google Fiber is phasing out its lower-priced 100 Mbps internet access plan, opting to offer only the core gigabit-speed plan to new users.”
  • “Google’s announcement of this new plan doesn’t hint at any major strategic changes, beyond wanting a slightly higher payout from each subscriber and believing that gigabit internet is more attractive now than it was several years ago.”
Design may be the next entrepreneurial gold rush 
By Jordan Crook from TechCrunch
  • “…with the shift in the way designers fit into organizations and the way design fits into business overall, the design ecosystem is following the same path blazed by enterprise SaaS companies in recent years. Undoubtedly, investors are ready to place their bets in design.”
  • “But the question still remains over whether the design industry will follow in the footprints of the sales stack — with Salesforce reigning as king and hundreds of much smaller startup subjects serving at its pleasure — or if it will go the way of the marketing stack, where a lively ecosystem of smaller niche players exist under the umbrella of a handful of major, general-use players.”

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