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E asy Emoji and Gaming Google

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Nick Cotton Jul 26, 2019
Good News! It Just Got Easier for You to Suggest New Emoji
By Arielle Pardes from Wired
  • “Thanks to the adoption of emoji, Unicode’s star has been steadily rising for the past decade. Its web design, however, has been stuck in the Biblical times. Or, at least, the Biblical times of the web: the 1990s.”
  • “So today, Unicode is issuing a new design of its website. The new destination is brighter, cleaner, and organizes information about the non-profit more communicably. Most importantly, it makes it easier to figure out how to submit a proposal for a new emoji…”
  • “The new is meant to make the basic requirements more clear, and hopefully encourage more people to get involved in the emoji proposal process.”
How To Game Google To Make Negative Results Disappear
By Craig Silverman from BuzzFeed News
  • “Google says it invests heavily in thwarting attempts to game search results in violation of its policies. But reporting by BuzzFeed News shows it’s possible to push search results for names, companies, and other specific terms off the top pages of Google, so long as you’re able to spend money over time to make it happen.”
  • “…while it’s impossible to control what people say about you all over the internet, for the right amount of money you can control the message on that all-important first page of Google, thanks to a cottage industry of consultants and flat-out spammers.”
  • “If any of the above practices seem like a breach of professional ethics, they aren’t. Reputation management consultants who spoke to BuzzFeed News say it’s an industry with no rules or agreed-upon standards. Ethics are purely a matter of personal opinion. What works on Google is what matters most.”

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