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P interest Strategies, Inclusive for Everyone and The Consequences of No Net Neutrality

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Nick Cotton Jul 12, 2019
The Best New Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today
By Heather-Mae Pusztai from Buffer
  • “Pinterest is the number one platform for product discovery. If you sell a product, Pinterest is a place for you. This is due to a number of factors. Pinterest, along with Instagram, is an incredible visual marketing platform, and products lend themselves well to visuals. Pinterest has e-commerce tools built into the platform, too, for shopping and learning more about products.”
  • “Brands have been posting video to Pinterest for a couple years now, so we’ve had the chance to see the trends and pull the data. According to Pinterest, the best videos are the shortest ones. The sweet spot is 6- to 15-second videos.”
  • “Pinterest is one of the go-to places for planning, so the network sees an especially sharp uptick in usage around big moments. Say, a Super Bowl party or Thanksgiving or New Year’s … these calendar spots are opportunities for you to get in front of an even bigger audience and to maximize your reach and resources.”
Inclusive design improves UX for everyone
By Michael J. Fordham from Medium
  • “Closed captioning helping you when you forgot your headphones, higher contrast text when you’re out in the sun, larger button sizes for when you’re using the phone with one hand (the list is endless).”
  • “Imagine you’re looking at an article online, you’re enjoying it, but the images aren’t loading because of the weak connection. Well, it’s now pretty common to have some text describing the image if it can’t load for whatever reason. This is called alt-text, and it’s really easy to add to your site. However, it’s not only for us sad people on the equivalent of dial-up connection speeds. It’s mainly aimed at those who can’t see the image well, so their screen-reader can describe it to them.”
  • “As designers, developers, and as human beings we should be thinking about everyone when creating a new product for the world. Inclusive design shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be our default. It adds so much value for everyone, not just those who rely on it.”
Net neutrality was repealed a year ago. What’s happened since?
By Zachary Mack from The Verge
  • “The first thing that happened, and this is not insignificant, is about a year ago during the worst fire in California history, Verizon was throttling the Santa Clara County Fire Department’s broadband.”
  • “…the second instance of where the absence of net neutrality really implicated public safety was when a number of mobile carriers, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T were found to have sold the precise geolocation data of their customers. If they sell them to data brokers who then sold them to bounty hunters.”
  • “So basically, the FCC is delegating their oversight of the broadband industry to the broadband industry.”

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