Z bra Studios Receives Gold and Silver Muse Awards

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Gary Smith Jun 17, 2019
Muse 2019 Awards Gold Winner

Adding to previous accolades from the likes of Horizon Interactive, Clutch, UpCity, and others, Zbra Studios has been presented with two awards in the 2019 Muse Creative Awards. Spanning over 2,000 entries across more than 40 countries, and judged blind by a panel of over 40 international judges, Zbra Studios is proud to be selected among the considerable competition.

“We are proud to be the recipients of two awards from Muse. This recognition further cements Zbra Studios’ reputation as a standout web developer among the competition,” said Zoey Smith, founder and head of Zbra Studios.

For the Elevare Skin website, Zbra Studios received a Gold Award from Muse in the Beauty & Cosmetics Websites category. A revolutionary website for a revolutionary product, the Elevare Skin website was designed to compliment the sleek aesthetic of the beauty devices sold by the client. Completely responsive and featuring a fully modern design with unique touches and live fonts, the Elevare Skin website showcases Zbra Studios’ multifaceted strengths, from a custom online store, to extensive copywriting services for the website text and landing pages.

Muse 2019 Awards Silver Winner

Zbra Studios was also presented with a Silver Award from Muse in the Publishing Websites category for the Silver Dolphin Books website. Speaking about the Silver Dolphin Books website, Zoey Smith said:

“This is one of five new websites that we created for Printers Row Publishing Group. Each website needed to stand alone and be able to represent its brand and unique publishing line, yet it was necessary to also clearly show that the imprints belonged to part of a larger family. We achieved this by using a similar layout for each of the five sites, and creating a consistent navigation experience that would allow the user to easily move between the imprint websites. The books displayed on the website are updated in real time, displaying information from the publisher’s ONIX feed. The design is clean and responsive, so that the cover art of the books pop out of the page and engage the visitor.”

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