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E moji, Security Flaws and Ad-Free Facebook

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Nick Cotton Feb 22, 2019
Emoji Don’t Mean What They Used To
By Ian Bogost from The Atlantic
  • “As of last week, there are now 3,053 emoji, counting the 230 just approved for this year’s cohort…”
  • “The assumption that more numerous, more specific emoji are automatically better seems to be spreading, too. Appeals in the form of there’s no emoji for … have almost reached meme status.”
  • “…unlike logograms—pictures that represent a word or phrase, like those used for Chinese characters—ideographic emoji thrive when their meanings remain ambiguous.”
Password managers have a security flaw. But you should still use one.
By Geoffrey A. Fowler from The Washington Post
  • “Online safety isn’t about being unhackable; it’s about not being the lowest-hanging fruit.”
  • “Password managers are programs that keep all your log-in details in an online safe-deposit box. They’re critical tools for staying safe, because the No. 1 most annoying thing about the Internet — passwords — leads people to make the No. 1 security mistake — reusing passwords.”
  • “Both sides agree on one thing: Your personal devices are the weak link. It’s a lot harder for a password manager — or any software — to protect your valuable data if the computer you’re working on is compromised.”
Mark Zuckerberg explains why an ad-free Facebook isn’t as simple as it sounds
By Kurt Wagner from Recode
  • “The general thinking is that Facebook should offer users a version of its service that doesn’t depend on user data and targeted advertising to make money, but instead relies on a subscription fee.”
  • “Zuckerberg suggested that a subscription product would need to include a way for people to opt out of Facebook’s data collection practices altogether — something that doesn’t currently exist.”
  • “Facebook’s data collection is so broad and ingrained into the internet that the company has to build new features in order to stop collecting data about people.”

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