M oments No More and Meme’s Get Pretty

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Nick Cotton Jan 25, 2019
Facebook is shutting down Moments. Here’s how to save all your photos
By Kirsten Korosec from Tech Crunch
  • “Facebook confirmed the app’s services will end February 25. Facebook decided to end support for the app, which hasn’t been updated in some time, because people weren’t using it.”
  • “People can export their photos and videos from the Moments website through May 2019, according to Facebook.”
  • “Users also have the option to share any of their photos from the app as Albums on Facebook. If someone downloads the app to an Album, the privacy setting will default to ‘Only Me’ but a user always has the option to share it with friends.”
Instagram Meme Accounts Are Pretty Now
By Taylor Lorenz from The Atlantic
  • “While a meme-and-theme page looks like an aesthetics account, below the surface it’s teeming with memes. Like thread accounts, meme-and-theme pages take advantage of Instagram’s photo-carousel feature: Administrators keep their grids looking pretty by uploading on-theme photos as the first post in each carousel. But when a user swipes left, a series of memes is revealed.”
  • “High schoolers who run meme-and-theme pages trade theme ideas in group chats and hold one another accountable for posting. Some teenagers said they collect photos for months related to a potential theme, scouring the internet for hours to find the perfect batch of about 15 to 30 images.”
  • “At their core, meme-and-theme pages are simply the newest way teens are transforming Instagram into a sort of public diary. The accounts also highlight the critical role that Instagram plays in most tweens’ social lives.”

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