Z bra Studios Launches Five New Websites for Printer’s Row

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Gary Smith Dec 7, 2018

Zbra Studios is pleased to announce the launch of five new websites for book publishing company Printer’s Row Publishing Group (PRPG). Publishing books under five different imprints (Canterbury Classics, Studio Fun International, Silver Dolphin Books, Thunder Bay Press, and Portable Press), PRPG has built a venerable and extensive catalog of titles.

For this project, it was our goal to provide a cohesive design and strong UX, with simple navigation between the imprints, while also providing each website with its own identity and visual flair.

Here’s a little more about each imprint:

Thunder Bay Press
This was PRPG’s first imprint, publishing its first title in 1990. The primary focus of Thunder Bay Press is on informative titles and activity books for an older audience, like crochet kits, origami, history reference titles, and other books with a complexity mostly suitted for a teenage to adult audience.

Silver Dolphin Books
PRPG’s second imprint, Silver Dolphin Books, is focused on books-plus titles and novelties for a young audience. These include baby books, and activity books with interactive elements, like buttons accompanied by sounds. Visitors can browse by different age groups on this website to find titles that are perfect for their child.

Portable Press
Created after acquiring the popular Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader license specifically to house the series, Portable Press has since expanded with a number of other titles. Here, you can find a variety of humorous and informative titles, from facts and trivia books, to joke books, and more.

Canterbury Classics
Launched in 2011, Canterbury Classics is a new take on classic books, including works from William Shakespeare and Jane Austen. At Canterbury Classics, you’ll find titles in colorful and creative forms, including novel journals, where individuals can write between the lines of famous words, colorful illustrated classics, and more.

Studio Fun International
PRPG’s most recent acquisition, in 2016, is Studio Fun International (SFI). Similar to Silver Dolphin Books in that it focuses on books for children with interactive elements, and visitors can browse by age, SFI focuses on licensed titles from giants like Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more.

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