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A News Feed Flip, Tinder Professionals and Neutrality Support

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Nick Cotton Jan 23, 2018

Here’s the news we’re talking about around the Zbra Studios water cooler. We’ve provided key bullet points from each article for the speed readers out there.

Comments Are The New Shares In Facebook’s Rethought News Feed
By Alex Kantrowitz from Buzzfeed
  • “Facebook is prioritizing posts in the News Feed that get people talking to each other in the comments. That puts comments, or more specifically comment threads, in position to become the new share.”
  • “By prioritizing back and forth interactions in the comments, Facebook could also be increasing the frequency of arguments on its platform. Facebook’s challenge here will be to find a way to facilitate constructive conversations while deprioritizing flame wars.”
  • “Minor fixes to Facebook’s problems with fake news, election meddling and violent content simply aren’t going to cut it. This year, Zuckerberg’s made it his personal challenge to fix these problems, and just ten days into it he clearly trying to deliver on it..
  • “These changes won’t be painless. They’re going to hurt Facebook, which Zuckerberg said anticipates a reduction in time spent on its platform…”
Ripple, a Tinder spinoff backed by Match, launches app for professional networking
By Sarah Perez from TechCruch
  • “A team of former Tinder employees, led by Tinder’s original CTO Ryan Ogle, are today launching a new app aimed at professional networking.”
  • “… it takes some of the psychological principles that helped Tinder become a top app in its own market, and has repurposed those for use in professional networking.”
  • “And while it does leverage the swipe mechanism, it attempts to downplay Tinder’s focus on photos by putting more text information on users’ cards that can be viewed without having to leave their profile – like job history, skills, education, mutual connections, and events attending.”
Google, Facebook, and Netflix Decide They Care About Net Neutrality Again
By Karl Bode from Motherlode
  • “A coalition of internet companies is promising to take the FCC to court for its rushed repeal of popular net neutrality rules. The Internet Association, whose members include Facebook, Google, Netflix, Lyft, and others, has issued a statement indicating it plans to participate in the looming lawsuits against the agency.”
  • “several of IA’s member companies have spotty histories when it comes to standing up for net neutrality, especially during this latest contentious stretch of the longstanding fight against telecom duopolies. Facebook, for example, has routinely found itself under fire for trampling net neutrality overseas.”
  • “The Internet Association is expected to be just one of numerous industry groups and consumer advocacy firms who plan to file suit against the FCC’s rules, highlighting how the agency ignored the public, ignored the experts, ignored rampant comment fraud, and relied almost exclusively on flimsy telecom lobbying data to dismantle the popular rules.”

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