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G oogle Glass 2.0, Pinterest Diversity and VR or AR?

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Nick Cotton Jul 21, 2017

Here’s the news we’re talking about around the Zbra Studios water cooler. We’ve provided key bullet points from each article for the speed readers out there. For those looking to dig in, click on the links for the full story.

Google Glass 2.0 Is a Startling Second Act
  • “The team lives in Alphabet’s X division, where Glass was first developed as a passion project of Google cofounder Sergey Brin. Now the focus was on making a practical workplace tool that saves time and money. Announced today, it is called Glass Enterprise Edition.”
  • “Workers at each station on the tractor assembly line—sporting eyewear that doesn’t look much different from the safety frames required by OSHA—begin their tasks by saying, “OK, Glass, Proceed.” When they go home, they leave their glasses behind.”
  • “Without direction from Google, these companies began to purchase Explorer Edition units of Glass and use them with custom software to tackle specific tasks for their corporate customers. And Google noticed.”
“We Had The Wrong Goal Initially”: Pinterest’s Diversity Chief Adjusts Course
By LYDIA DISHMAN From Fast Company
  • “Time has passed, and in the year and a half since, Pinterest has added some 400 new staffers, seen some progress, and had a few hiccups.”
  • “As Fast Company has reported, there’s both research and anecdotal evidence that female leadership has an impact far outside the C-suite. A survey from Weber Shandwick found 70% of women executives who report to a female CEO say their chief’s reputation influences their decision to remain at the company.”
  • “Morgan recognizes how closely retention is tied to culture. If new hires arrive only to discover low representation and managers who don’t think very hard about inclusion, they aren’t likely to stay long.”
Is the future VR … or AR?
  • “…consumer VR hardware is still considered a niche gaming experience, and some in the tech industry have started to say that augmented reality is the future instead.”
  • “Bavor said he doesn’t believe there has to be an either-or choice between VR and AR.”
  • “The same device that transports you to Machu Picchu, he said, could also guide you around the world by turning into an AR assistant.”

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