P izza Bot, Instagram Stories and Twitter Activisim

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Nick Cotton Feb 3, 2017

Here’s the news we’re talking about at the Zbra Studios water cooler. For all you TL;DR folks, we’ve provided key bullet points. Anyone looking for the full story can click on the link.

Domino’s Pizza bot now offers its full menu and custom orders on Facebook Messenger
By KHARI JOHNSON From VentureBeat
  • Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, today Domino’s Pizza opened its Facebook Messenger bot to allow people to make entire orders. Dom the pizza bot first made its debut last summer ahead of Pizza Hut.”
  • “Domino’s has long been a fan of chat commerce. Well before the start of the bot craze or investment from major tech firms, in 2015 Domino’s asked customers to tweet pizza emojis to make orders. The company also has a Google Home conversation action.”
  • “Several chain stores have taken steps to make it possible for customers to order food with a bot or intelligent assistant.”
Instagram Stories is stealing Snapchat’s users
By JOSH CONSTINE From TechCrunch
  • “Several sources refused to be named in print for fear of retaliation from Snapchat or because they weren’t authorized to disclose client data. But across the social content production firm’s stars, the CEO says there’s been an average decline in Snapchat Stories views of 20 to 30 percent from August until mid-January.”
  • “As for downloads, App Annie shows Snapchat saw a big drop right when Instagram Stories launched at the beginning of August. It fell to its lowest ranking all year, #11, after hovering in the top 3 for the first half of 2016. It’s unclear why it bounced back at the end of October, but it’s begun to slip again.”
  • “…by putting a Snapchat clone front and center atop Instagram’s feed, the Facebook family of apps discovered a way to make its version more convenient to use than the original. And emboldened by Instagram’s success, now Facebook is testing similarly designed Snapchat clones in its main app as Facebook Stories, and its chat apps as Messenger Day and WhatsApp Status.”
The ACLU’s Huge Weekend Donations Haul Shows Twitter Activism Can Work
  • “In under 48 hours, the ACLU had received $24 million in online donations, far more even than the $7.2 million the organization received five days following Trump’s election, and around six times the organization’s average intake—per year.”
  • “…the efforts showed a way forward for celebs and other prominent online personas to translate a tweet into action.”
  • “What sort of long-term effects these kinds of Twitter pledge drives will have is (obviously) unknown, but it’s compelling how easily these maneuvers translated into concrete action.”

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