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S napchat vs. Youtube Influencer Marketing

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Nick Cotton Nov 1, 2016

A recognized YouTuber has a fleet of tools at their disposal. Metrics like follower count, video likes, advertiser click-through rates, and the comments section below the video are a gold mine of data for potential partners. YouTube treats these creators like the celebrities they are, providing top influencers with account managers who make sure concerns get addressed. As a result, influencers on YouTube have everything they need to work directly with big brands and rake in that sweet big brand money.  Snapchat influencers have none of that.

Though it’s the go-to communication method of choice for millennials, Snapchat Stars’ relationship with Snap Inc. borders on adversarial. Collecting the big data numbers on viewership is ludicrously time consuming on Snapchat. And the data that is visible vanishes in 24 hours alongside the video. There are third-party applications that help fill the gap, but Snap Inc. is infamous for locking down accounts they discover using those applications.

Because of this, Snapchat Influencers for branding and promotion is under priced. As long as an advertiser is willing to be flexible on the kind of data they’ll get from a campaign, there is a minimal amount of competition when working with Snapchat content creators.

If you have a marketing team willing to put in the work it takes to overcome Snapchat’s self imposed limitations, Snapchat Influencer marketing can be one of the most cost effective advertising methods available today.

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