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S napchat Spectacles Signal Change

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Nick Cotton Sep 30, 2016

Remember the fall of Google Glass? Well, Snapchat thinks it can wade through the waters Google drowned in. Meet Spectacles, a $129 pair of sunglasses with a camera which are essentially a fashionable (?) GoPro that pipes directly to Snapchat… and likely only to Snapchat.

Snapchat is aiming for two targets:

    • Young millenials: 

    • Old millenials: 

There’s no reason to believe that this new entry into the wearable market will have much impact, but this move tells us something that many have suspected for some time.

Between the release of Spectacles and changing the company name to Snap, Inc.,

Evan Spiegel is signalling his refusal to be hampered by Snapchat’s social media starting point. Google started with search. Amazon launched with books. Facebook began its prestigious ascent as a “hot or not” tool for judgmental college kids. The freshly minted Snap, Inc. wants to know if there’s enough room in the Pantheon for one more Tech Deity with ludicrously humble beginnings.

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