H ow’s Your Vertical: Infographic Résumé That Demand an Interview

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Nick Cotton Sep 10, 2014

These days, a prospective employer won’t be impressed by a left-justified Times New Roman list, built off a preloaded template found in bowels of Microsoft Word. Dull bullet points and grey scale letterhead will be lost on the desk of every overworked HR clerk. You need something new. Something that communicates what you can do while showing off who you are.

Enter the Infographic Résumé.


by Syril Bobadilla at

Visual, colorful and a minefield of potential disasters. Done right, and it will hold the door open for your inevitable first interview.

Done wrong, and the employer you’re trying to impress will become lost trying to find key pieces of information. Let’s play a game. In the example to the below, how long does it take you to find the applicants last place of employment?


by SnaiLords at

Beauty and creativity at the sacrifice of simplicity makes the process of measuring your résumé against a dozen others frustrating. The basics of a good résumé still apply. It’s good to stand out, but stand out for the right reasons.

If “Design Professional” isn’t a term found somewhere on your list of talents possessed, or titles held, look to one of the many templates downloadable from the web. There are free options, but if nothing speaks to you, don’t fear. Designers hawk resume templates for the price of a venti Pumpkin Spice latte; $6 bucks is a small price to impress a potential employer.

Some others to inspire you:


by Duncan McKean at

info resume 02

by John Caseda at


by David Albanese at


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